Thursday, June 17, 2010

Discovery Toys

Discovery Toys has been helping parents to "Teach. Play. Inspire." with our high-quality educational toys, books, games and music for over three decades

So I have come across Discovery Toys. I guess it is like Avon, Regal, Pampered Chef, Tupperware, as in there are parties you host. I know I didn't want to be involved with Avon or any of the others because I know I clearly don't have an interest in those kinds of things. I also don't purchase those kinds of products.

Although I have never bought a toy from Discovery Toys, from what I have heard by word of mouth is that the toys are a very good product. I remember being involved with a New Mom's Network group and the women were discussing Discovery toys, I believe one was a consultant. She brought in a sample toy and it looked to be of good quality.

I have expressed interest in this to a local consultant and surprisingly got a reply back right away. It is a minimal investment of $180. $40 of which is shipping costs. The starter kit includes toys for all age groups, business tools and supplies, and a free personalized website for a full three months... I assume one would need to pay for the website once the three months are over.

It is an idea that I am toying with, pardon the pun. I do know a few families with children in the age ranges, even within my own family. I think I just need to sit down with the consultant to discuss it further with her about this whole process and see if it is right for me. Who knows, I may get excited about it and maybe it is just right for me. Or perhaps it may not be, but it is too early to decide right now.

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