Thursday, July 15, 2010

Huzzah! A Job I can do From Home!

I know I have not posted here for a little while. I am not usually good at keeping journals, although I would like to be able to. So at least I am coming back and writing this up.

You know that job I talked about, with Pizza73? Well I had an interview yesterday with them. It went very well. I gave her my list of three references that I had and thus the questioning commenced.

She asked me what had appealed to me to apply for the job and asked why I did so. I told her that it was perfect for our family situation. It was an evening/nights position, so it would give me the freedom during the day to be with the boys (and soon this baby) and when Graham comes home, I can "go to work". It was interesting because she stated that she too began in the position I was applying for so that she could be home during the day. So I think she totally understands my position and where I am coming from.

Near the conclusion of the interview she asked me if I would be available for training. Sounds like I am hired! But note! This is not an hourly wage position. This is a contract position with commission. The amount I make depends on the number of orders I take. She explained it that one could make $9/10 per hour or if one was really into the job could make $15/16 per hour. This is a self-employment job, but I think I like that idea! I mean, the worst of it is for Saturday nights I'd be staying up until 3am, midnight every other shift, but I mean, I think this would be worth it to be able to stay home with the kids. And Graham and I figure that after both our vehicle payments are up (which would be in about 4 years) that at that point we would be able to live on one income. So this is temporary, but the best position for us! I am looking forward to beginning my training!

By the way, the job is basically taking orders. The best thing is, I don't need a landline. All I need is a USB headset as the calls would be coming from online, via their VoIP software that I will be required to install. After that, nothing more is needed.

I am looking forward to this! I know for the rest of the year it will be tough as I will continue to work full time along side this part time position, but hopefully while on maternity leave and thereafter, things will work out.

In essence, we only need to cover the van payment. Everything else can be covered with the CCTB, UCC, and child support. (unfortunately the UCC is only good up until the child is 6 years old, but I mean, that is two years away for our oldest son).

But I digress... This is so exciting! Finally, an opportunity to be able to stay home!

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